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The Omni-Channel Capabilities You Need, In One Place

Experiture’s robust campaign management tools and intuitive interface make it easy for your team to stay organized across all their marketing programs and channels. Plus, you’ll have the power to create and measure personalized omni-channel programs across email, web, mobile, social, and more — all in one place..

Seamless, Secure Data Connectivity

With an open API and web services framework, Experiture can seamlessly connect with systems you have to sync player data. Not only does this reduce headaches and inefficiencies, it also enables your property to provide a better marketing experience for players.

  • Link virtually any data source and create the ultimate marketing data warehouse
  • We provide the tools, knowledge, and best practices to guide your data aggregation efforts
  • App Marketplace integrations ready for your organization with just a few clicks

Player Lifecycle Marketing

With an open API and web services framework, Respond to player lifecycle events with automated marketing programs that feature coordinated messaging across channels – web, email, mobile, social and more. Plus, you can use the scheduler to set trigger-based criteria to decide how each touchpoint behaves.

  • Build omni-channel user journeys in just a few clicks
  • Setup trigger-based criteria for each touch point
  • Create programs for lifecycle events including New Member, Birthday, Jackpot, Inactive Players, Tier Change and more

Omni-Channel Messaging

Experiture’s fully integrated suite of channel-specific tools and drag-and-drop builders allows your team to easily create, deploy, measure and optimize your omni-channel marketing campaigns.

  • Built-in, channel-specific messaging tools, including drag-and-drop builders for email, landing pages, SMS, and more
  • Social media integration and data enrichment, and a powerful mobile framework with built-in geofence, push messaging, and more
  • A single reporting interface that includes all channels and touch points

Unified Player View

Experiture’s unique data model means one integration for all your data sources including Player Tracking, Hotel, POS, Ticketing & more. Create a single, unified player view for all data types including Profile Data, Transactional Data, Engagement Data and Location Data.

  • Profile Data
  • Transactional Data
  • Engagement Data
  • Location Data

Player Prospecting

Experiture makes it easy to convert prospects to players using an omni-channel marketing approach. Our powerful architecture allows you to trigger campaigns to BOTH Prospects and Players from ONE Platform. Use inbound forms to capture prospects and convert them to members.

  • PLAYER PROSPECTS Deduped by Email Address and dynamically added to automated prospecting campaigns.
  • CONVERTED MEMBERS Deduped by Player ID and dynamically added to automated New Member campaigns.

Extensive Reporting & Analytics

Experiture’s omni-channel analytics and reporting help measure marketing results and optimize your player experiences by providing a single on-demand interface to access your key omni-channel metrics.

  • Reporting across all channels and touch points
  • A single, unified dashboard for all campaigns
  • Leverage engagement metrics in audience segmentation
  • Easily export reports in multiple formats

Why is Experiture the fastest growing platform in gaming?


  • Unify ALL of your marketing campaigns into a single platform
  • Seamlessly connect your existing technology and/or PMS system
  • Maximize player experience, and increase engagement rates by 19%+